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The spring of 1958 brought 3 more notchback Jomars (7C106, 7C107, and 7FS102) early in January and February. The new style Jomar fastback (7FS103 shown above)was completed and shipped directly to New York so Ray could have it for the New York Auto Show. The car was a great success, and many dealers were signed up with multiple orders. Unfortunately over the next 6 months, the notchbacks wouldn't sell and TVR couldn't build but 2 more fastbacks. Dealers canceled or reneged when presented with cars for poor fitment. This after Ray and crew installed heaters and Studebaker vents and tried to fix the other issues. TVR was having troubles growing, and within 1 year they would have the production capacity they needed but for Ray it would be to late.


7FS105 arrived on September 12, 1958 finished in Black with a black leather interior. It was the 1st left hand drive Jomar and was delivered to Auto Engineering in Mass who had signed up as a dealer. Unfortunately, they rejected the car for fitment problems, which Ray tried to address. The car was later sold to Peter Jones Foreign Auto in Alexandria Virginia. There it was sold to the Pennsylvannia Autocross champion. Currently purchased from Tim White and owned by Alex Saidel, under restoration.


The above picture is of the Merrimack Street garage showroom. In the foreground on the left is a fastback Jomar. Merrimack Street Garage was the largest foreign car dealership in New England with Austin Healy, MG, Triumph, DKW, Borgward, Citroen, Austin, Alfa Romeo, AC, Dyna panhard, Fiat, Hillman, Isetta, Jaguar, Morgan, Oldsmobile, Rover, Sunbeam, and Saab. In 1958 Ray also decided to leave SCCA and join USAC. This professional organization entry prevented him from entering SCCA races however several other drivers continued to drive Jomars in SCCA.


Having been sold on the idea of the supercharged Climax engines Ray decided to build his own race car including the chassis. Using the front and rear suspension from a TVR frame the Jomar team built a ladder frame to enclose the Super charged Climax as well as Ray Saidel. Lou Turner actually laid up the fiberglass seat by having Ray bend over so as to be form fitting. the picture above shows the new Saidel Sports Racing Cars#1, (SSR1) before the aluminum sheeting was applied.  During the winter of 1958/1959 the Daytona car (7C-S113) was built as well as the SSR1. There wasn't enough time to construct a 3rd body for the newest supercharged chassis (7C-S116) so the body was removed from Rays team car (7C104) and installed on 116. The 7C104 chassis was stripped of all components and stored in the basement of the Merrimack Street garage until it was resurrected, rebuilt and sold to Dr. Mark Brinker in 2006.


The above picture was taken on September 7, 1958 and was the 1st Professional Sports car race at Lime Rock. Here Ray and George Constatine are on the main straight headed for "Big Bend". All summer TVRs pitchman Bernard Williams had been trying to sell Ray on new chassis' with Shorrock Superchargers fitted to the Climax engines and promises of 150 HP. Ray bought in and ordered 2 of these new supercharged climax chassis. the 1st arrived in September and a new MK III body was begun. this car would race the 1st 1000km race at Daytona in the spring of 1959 and sported the newest Jomar bodywork including faired in headlights and opening rearend access.


The end of 1958 saw the sale of another Jomar racer. 7C109 had been sold to Johnny Boyd of Buffalo New York. Mr Boyd got the chassis without the engine as this had gone into Rays team car (7C104) when a rod let go earlier in the year, but Ray had convinced Mr. Boyd to order the NEW Stage III Climax. Also Mr Boyd was given body parts from both earlier wrecked Jomars of Bob Columbosian (7C102) and Ray Heppenstahl (7C101). This picture shows Mr Boyd assembling the Jomar in his garage and is dated January 1959.