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The spring of 1959 brought Saidels team of supercharged chassis to National recognition. 1st The Daytona Car (7C-S113) finshed 6th at the 1st FIA 1000 km race at Daytona Speedway on April 5 1959. Ray was running 4th until a faulty fuel pump had him out of the race for over 20 mins. Once back on the track the Jomar resumed the chase but couldn't make up the lost ground. These USAC races saw Raymond pitted against cars with twice the displacemnet of the 1100cc supercharged Jomar.


Next was a Race at Harewood Ontario in Canada. Here the Jomar of Johnny Boyd was also entered. Ray had trouble when the main metering jet fell out of the British Solex tank carb being used to fuel another supercharged MK II Jomar (7C-S116). This racer utilized the body from Rays old team car (7C104) which was swapped onto a new supercharged chassis. The vibration from the rough airport track at Harewood caused the jet to back out. As Ray would say "the car flew down the straights, but at the corner when off the gas, the fuel would come out of the front of the carb, and gradually it would increase vacuum again down the straight".


7C-S113 at Daytona for Practise April 2nd, 1959. Ray Saidel in the drivers seat. Lou Turner in the straw hat. Dick Eno far left. Sturdavent on the right.


Ray Saidel in his Formula Jr (Car #27) chases Phil Cade in his Chrysler powered Grand Prix Maserati (car #7) July 19th 1959 during Thompson Raceways 2nd Championship race of the season.


July 25th 1959 USAC Formula Libre Race at Limerock Park. (L-R) Norm Leeds, Lou Turner, Ray Saidel (in car), behind them is car #8, Red Gm Stingray driven by Dick Thompson, also Vic Meinhardts Porsche RS (car #71). Ray finished 8th under 2000cc and 13th overall despite the Jomar being the smallest displacement engine entered.