Norm Leeds, Lou Turner and Ray Saidel built the Jomar series of cars in the mid-1950s. These cars served as the prototypes for the TVR brand, and their creation marked a significant transition for the business. The company, which originally consisted of a group of men producing one or two cars a year, evolved into a production car company. (See History -> 1956

Two decades ago, Alex Saidel purchased the very first Jomar constructed by the Jomar team at the Merrimack Street Garage (DBA Merrimack Street Volvo). The restoration journey was extensive, with contributions from various individuals, including Russell Automotive (for transmission and rear differential rebuild), Gary Poulin (for engine rebuild), and Eno Depasquale, who skillfully restored a body in desperate shape and brought her back to stability.

Over the past few years, I have become friends with Norm Leeds's grandson, Tony (Anthony James). I promised Tony that I would finish the car and suggested that he should be its owner. Unfortunately, other projects always seemed to get in the way of finishing it. Finally last year, Tony told me that his crew could finish the car and a deal was struck. Tony has been providing updates on the progress and detailing the strides they've made.

It is great to know that Tony is massaging the same body panels that his grandfather hand hammered and welded back in 1955. Great job Tony!


Current Restoration